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How to Find Discounts for Outdoor Gear

Adventurous people know all too well that whatever new outdoor activity they want to take up – be it a daily hike to the nearby mountains or an epic long-distance walk along one of the Camino de Santiago routes – they need gear, which can often be quite expensive. No matter whether you’re into mountain biking, or you just like to cycle to work, you’ll want a solid bike, right?

What if you’re into mountaineering or kayaking? You’ll need way more money for these activities, which stops many people from even trying.

Of course, you can always choose to rent equipment or borrow it from someone you know. However, if you’re bent on buying your own, you can get it at a reasonable price — you just have to know where to find discounts!

Online Stores Are a Great Place to Start Looking

The rise of e-commerce has made everything more easily accessible to us. That perfect tent or backpack is only a couple of clicks away. However, the catch is to find it at the most affordable price.

So here are several websites that will probably have what you’re looking for, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


One of the most obvious choices is, of course, eBay. The website boasts an array of subcategories under “Outdoor Sports,” and you can find new and second-hand items at great prices.

When searching for a desired piece of equipment, you can be as specific as you want. Furthermore, wherever you are, eBay allows you to narrow the choice down based on shipping costs too.

Steep & Cheap

Steep & Cheap is probably the best outdoor gear outlet online. You can find amazing deals of up to 80% off. There’s even a “Bargain Bin” category, which is exactly what it sounds like.

You can shop by brand, activity, type of gear, and other categories — the website is organized quite neatly.


Although the name may lead you to believe that this site sells only the gear you need to prepare for a big camping trip, e.g. dispersed camping around Buena Vista, that’s far from the truth. CampSaver offers anything from running and travel to hiking and paddling equipment.

They often have generous discounts and coupons. If you want to dive directly into the best deals, you can visit the store’s outlet.

Be Sure to Stay Away From Craigslist

Even though Craigslist is an immensely popular shopping site, you should steer clear of it since it’s full of scammers. This is because the site is a platform where anyone can sell their used goods, and it’s fairly poorly regulated.

Of course, you could score an awesome deal on Craigslist too; it’s just that there are many websites that offer far better buyer protection.

Buy Out of Season

If you need snowboarding equipment, it might be best to look for it in spring or summer. No one’s looking to buy winter jackets during the summer — that’s why most of them will be discounted in any store.

However, the prime time for out-of-season shopping is just after the peak season is over. Of course, you may face a lack of variety. However, if you’re persistent and know what to search for, you’re bound to bag a real bargain.

At this time of the year, you’d be wise to go gear hunting in outlets. Even if you don’t have a large outdoor gear outlet store in your vicinity, a day trip to the nearest one is likely to be worth it.

If that’s too much of a hassle for you, you can always scout some online outlets, such as the ones we’ve mentioned above.

Check Various Discount and Coupon Sites

Where better to find discounts and coupons than on websites dedicated to discounts and coupons? There are numerous such places online, and you can find a variety of offers on any items and brands you like.

Some of them, such as Gear Chase, focus on outdoor gear specifically, while there are many others that offer a broad spectrum of coupons on various articles. Whatever piece of clothing or equipment interests you, you can always google it, add “coupons” to your search, and find a variety of deals.

You can even find offers for specific stores and retailers, such as these UK-based Ellis Brigham Discount Codes.

So even if you want to visit a local brick-and-mortar shop, it’s worth checking if there are any valuable discount codes online for it.

Independent Retailers

You know that local outdoor gear store you keep skipping, thinking it is probably too expensive? It might actually be worth checking out. These stores, especially small, independent ones, often have fantastic discounts and offers, particularly on clearance items.

While there probably won’t be a great variety of choices, it doesn’t hurt to look. Since the store is near you, it won’t take up too much of your time. Furthermore, unlike with online retailers, there’s the added benefit of being able to touch and feel the fabric or try the item in person.

Wait for Big Sales

As we’ve already mentioned, shopping out of season is great, but shopping during the holiday season is even better. That is to say, big sale hunting is one of the best ways to find quality gear at a reasonable price.

Of course, big sales happen for various reasons, but there’s no day like Black Friday for shopping. If you don’t mind the crowds, you can arm yourself with patience and focus and find a sea of discounted items you may like. If you’re not willing to brave the crowds, Cyber Monday usually brings great discounts online.

The Christmas season is another time when you might treat yourself to that new bike or a pair of rocking snowshoes.

A word of advice: if you’re bent on shopping during big sales, get ready in advance, think carefully about what you need, and go early when there’s still a lot to choose from.

Shop Smart!

As you can see, you don’t have to waste a dime on overpriced outdoor gear if you know where and when to shop.

If you are, for example, planning to pitch a tent in one of the dispersed camping areas near Silverton – like a lot of outdoor enthusiasts do every year – bear in mind that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to properly prepare yourself for such an endeavor.

Happy shopping!

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